Our Mission

The biggest challenge Highly Sensitive People face on a daily basis is thriving in a non-sensitive world. After working with thousands of Highly Sensitive People over the last three decades, Debbie Lynn Grace realized that Highly Sensitive People deserve to be seen, recognized, embraced, supported and empowered for their sensitive nature.

Sensitive Living was born with the mission to give you – a Highly Sensitive Person - a virtual home in a digital magazine format where you can find tips, strategies, insights, products and services that are designed to help you live powerfully in your everyday life, your relationships, your health and well being, your mindset, dating and even your fun and adventure.

The world is a better place because of the Highly Sensitive People who walk this planet sharing their compassion, kindness and generosity. It is our vision to see a more sensitive world that is led with compassion as it's guiding force. It is only through the sensitive eyes and minds guided with compassion can we actually experience equality, peace and cooperation worldwide.

We are here to unite Highly Sensitive People worldwide and connect you with the experts, products and services that support you in shining your light so our greater vision of living in a more sensitive world is achieved.

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